Meet Your Coach

Who am I and how can I help? Hi! My name is Alissa and I am looking forward to working with you. Call me what you want – a mentor, facilitator, action coach, planner, guide, advocate, cheerleader, support coach, strategic planner, life manager, architect, problem solver, change agent, accountability coach. Find a term that works for you, but whatever it is, know that first and foremost, I am a sounding board and a support for you. We found each other because you have big plans for your life, and you just need confidence and a solid trail of breadcrumbs to follow. That’s where I come in!

What qualifies me to fill this role? I have a PhD in higher education and sociology. I’ve been teaching sociology in a community college setting since 2002. As a social scientist, I’m trained to look for patterns, especially patterns in the human condition. I’ve spent a significant amount of time as both a student and a teacher; therefore, I have experience being challenged and supported and doing that for others. In these roles, I’ve gained insight, awareness, and empathy. Truly, I’ve been coaching since the moment I set foot in a classroom.

Additionally, I am a 500-hr registered yoga teacher and I own a yoga business. Part of my yoga training included a life coaching certification, where I learned the skills that allow me to listen, to translate and to re-frame. I ask powerful questions to get your mental gears churning and to get you unstuck.

My job is to help you reach your potential, to get you where you want to go, and to support you along the way.

If you want to know more – just ask!

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